12 Members of Congress are ramping up the heat on Secretary of State John Kerry, urging him to ramp up the heat on the Mexican Government to determine the fate of Armando Torres, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  The 25 year old U.S. Marine Corps Reservists and Iraq War veteran was kidnapped last month along with his father and uncle as they arrived at their family ranch in northern Mexico.

  Officials say men carrying automatic weapons nabbed the three, who have not been seen since.

  “As our military Band of Brothers say to each other, leave no man behind,” said U.S. Rep Ruben Hinojosa (D-Texas).  “The same must apply here and we as U.S. citizens will not give up on him.”

  Some Mexican officials have said they think the three are dead, but that has not been confirmed and no body has been found.

  The request ramps up political pressure on Kerry to intervene with Mexico at a sensitive time.  Several lawmakers are already demanding action from Mexico over a 1944 water treaty which Mexico has allegedly failed to enforce, leaving the Rio Grande Valley high and dry.