A wanna be armed robber is dead this morning, after the neighbor of his intended target stopped him in his tracks with several blasts from a shotgun, 1200 WOAI's Michael Main reprots.

  Police say it happened about 1:30AM in the 8900 block of Hambledon, which is on the northwest side off Tezel Road.

  Detectives say the 25 year old would-be armed robber apparently followed the man home.  When the man pulled into his driveway, the punk's poorly thought out plan quickly began to unravel.

  The luckless armed robber jammed a gun in the homeowners face and demanded money.

  The victim's neighbor saw what was happening, grabbed his shotgun, and ran outside and opened fire.  Police say the neighbor fired three blasts, hitting the armed robber once and killing him on the spot.

  The intended target of the robbery was not hurt.  Police say the neighbor was taken in for questioning but is 'unlikely to face charges.'