The San Antonio Water System says it will wait until next week before deciding whether to impose unprecedented Stage Three water restrictions.  But New Braunfels Mayor Gail Pospisil says she doesn't have time to wait.


  She ordered that customers of New Braunfels Utilities will be in Stage Three restrictions effective on Monday.


  "We have to manage non essential use to ensure there is ample supply for essential uses for all of our customers, NBU spokeswoman Gretchen Reuwer said.  "During this drought period, water supplies across the region are severely impacted and reduced."


  The declaration means that New Braunfels residents and businesses will be allowed to water with a sprinkler only twice a month.  Reuwer says the first watering-free week will be the week of August 19th.


  NBU customers can continue watering once a week for the first two weeks of August.


  Reuwer says the goal is to make sure there is water available for cooking, cleaning, bathing, as well as industrial uses and protecting wildlife.


  SAWS says it is hoping to avoid Stage Three, by using the utility’s water bank where tens of millions of gallons of water are stored in underground caverns.  But officials concede Stage Three restrictions, which have never been imposed in San Antonio, are likely.