New Pets Lovers Magazine in Town
Texas Dogs and Cats reflects no-kill hopes ======================= Now there's a magazine for San Antonio pet lovers.

"Texas Dogs and Cats" is a new san local magazine dedicated to pets and the people who love them. Editor Dana Raimondi and her dad moved here from Chicago and saw a huge market just panting for some dog and cat coverage.

"People that love their animals
are willing to spend the money.
Pets are like family. If they need
a dental cleaning, they're
going to get their dental cleaning."

They feature a new rescue group
each month ... and are pro spay and
neuter and pro no-kill. Raimondi
says it's an umbrella for pet lovers

"Each month we feature
a different rescue group.
We hold a contest top decide
that group, we
give them a page to explain
who they are."

She says there are plenty of
businesses to support their
efforts, buying ad space ...
like dog teeth cleaning companies
groomers and organic
foods boutiques.

"They can see who are the different
rescue groups in San Antonio,
where can I get my dog or cat

The free publication is on newsstands