Jewish families in San Antonio are gearing up for a two-fer, as for the first time ever, Thanksgiving falls on the same day as the first day of Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, giving rise to a brand new holiday, called 'Thanksgivikkah.'


  "Think this year is going to be a little more joyful and partyish," said Rhonda Gurinsky, who is preparing for a Thanksgivikkah festival at her home in Hollywood Park.  "We are going to be opening gifts and visiting with friends, and the home is going to be open with friends and family over."


  She says Thanksgivikkah gives Jewish families the opportunity to mix traditional foods.  Look for a lot of potato latkes and jelly donuts mixed with the turkey dinner.


  And then there's the special, but certain not traditional, Thanksgivikkah Menorah.


  "I ordered a Menurkey," she said.  "The Menurkey is going to be the centerpiece for my table."


  Yes, a Menurkey is a turkey themed ten candle Hanukkah Menorah, a must have for people celebrating either holiday!


  She says it's pretty cool to be able to combine two festive and upbeat holidays into one.


  "Everybody is so busy and everybody is stretched on their times, it's nice to take a moment and be thankful that we're here," she said.


  The last time the first day of Hanukkah fell on what would have been Thanksgiving was in 1861, but since President Lincoln didn't declare the fourth Thursday in November to be Thanksgiving until 1863.


  Like Easter, Hanukkah follows the lunar calendar.  So don't hold your breath waiting for Hanukkah and Thanksgiving to coincide again, because that won't happen until the year 79811.


  So it looks like you'd better get good use out of that Menurkey while you can!