The San Antonio Airport is offering a way to save some time checking in.

Spokesperson Rich Johnson says this summer the airport will offer something called Clear which allows passengers a speedier check with scanning their fingerprints and irises.

"Passengers stick their Clear card into like an ATM
machine, as well as scan their fingerprints
and iris, and then their boarding pass
is verified by Clear attendants and then
they go through TSA," says Johnson.

You still have to go through TSA
security but that line would be
a lot shorter.

"They have their own line so
the Clear program have their own line
that is for Clear travelers," he says.

"That is the benefit: you are a trusted
traveler, they have your biometrics,
you have that background check already
and you don't have to go through the usual
TSA check point," says Johnson.

Johnson doesn't
know how else Clear might use that
personal information.