Being productive at work can be more difficult on some days rather than others. A new survey highlights the top distractions while in the office, and it turns out the main reason, co-workers.

     A new survey by, found that 61percent of people in the U.S. who took their survey, blame loud colleagues as the biggest distraction in the office.

     Scott Steele, the branch manager for Robert Half International, said he’s seen this first hand in his office.

     “Employees need to be aware that other people have other deadlines that they need to meet during the day,” Steele said. “A little professional courtesy extended in work place is definitely appreciated and can go a long way.”

     Forty percent of those taking the survey said the second productivity killer on the list, name impromptu meetings from co-workers stopping by their desk as major distraction. And nearly one quarter of those surveyed say they spend more time in meetings talking about work rather than actually doing it. 

     “If you have something you need to speak with a co-worker about it would be a better idea to just email them,” Steele said,“as opposed to just stopping by their office because this is causing loss of productivity to many companies.”

      In order to make everyone productive at the work place, employees have to be excited to come to work, Steele said.

       “I mean obviously there's a job to get done, but you have to cultivate an environment where people enjoy what they’re doing,” Steele said. “The company will be more successful if the employees are happy rather than if their unhappy.”