Genital Herpes Sufferers May See New Drugs
Older drugs less effective with resistance build-up

Genital herpes
is incurable so any hope is welcomed
from those suffering. And there is hope
in a new drug Pritelivir that
Stephen Tyring, M.D., of Houston's
UT Health Science Center says
reduces chances of transmission.

"And that translates not only
less potential outbreak but
less transmission so it showed
a reduction in the amount
of virus."

Some drugs treating the
incurable condition
have been out since the 1980s so
patients have developed resistance.

"All three drugs developed in
the last 30 years work the same
way so if they develop resistance
to one, it's most likely that they
developed resistance to all three."

Tyring says
Pritelivir reduces the amount
of virus in patients and in some
almost cutting the chances of
transmitting the virus.

"It's likely that we will have
alternatives in medications
for this very common problem
in the next few years,"
he says.