The decision by newly elected north side Councilman Ron Nirenberg to support the city's controversial proposed Gay, Lesbian and trans gendered anti-discrimination law appears to give the measure the support it needs to be approved by City Council when it comes up for debate next month, 1200 WOAI news reports.

 Nierenberg says after 'months of deliberation and refinement,' he has agreed to support the 'latest draft' of the law.

  "Every San Antonian deserves equal protection under the law, and I look forward to casting my vote to ensure it," Nirenberg said.

  "Hate has no place in San Antonio.  We cannot turn our backs on the existing divisions that have revealed themselves during this debate.  We need to heal our divisions as a community, and we can only achieve that by revealing them and addressing them together."

  Nirenberg then blasted his north side council colleague Elisa Chan for revealing her differences in a secretly recorded conversation which was leaked to the San Antonio Express-News by a disgruntled former Chan staffer.  In the conversation, Chan expresses disgust with homosexuality and says she doesn't think gays should be allowed to adopt children.

  "The tape recording made of Councilwoman Elisa Chan's staff meeting revealed some very ignorant and disturbing comments," Nirenberg said.

  Also present at that meeting was Jeff Bazan, who was then a staffer in Chan's office.  Bazan has since joined Nirenberg's office.

  "I have spoken to Jeff and he has apologized for those statements, which he says do not reflect his personal feelings," Nirenberg said. "Effective immediately, I have placed Jeff Bazan on an indefinite administrative leave," he said.  "I hope that he will take time to reflect and to heal.  Our community must now engage in similar reflection over the issues that divide us.  I believe that the successful passage of the nondiscrimination ordinance will be an important step in that process."

  Nirenberg didn't say whether Bazan will be paid during his administrative leave.