The San Antonio Northside ISD, the largest school district in the region with 101,000 students, today begins work on what may be a $600 million bond issue to be placed up before the voters in May, 1200 WOAI news has learned.


  A Citizens Bond Committee will begin work tonight looking at what the fast growing district will need in the future.


  "Projections show that over the next three years at least, we will need about 400 more classrooms," the district's Pascual Gonzalez said.


  If it is $600 million when it is placed on the ballot in the spring, the bond issue would raise taxes.  The exact amount has not been determined, but teh $535 milion bond issue approved in 2010 raised taxes on a $167,000 home, which then was the average in the district, by $144 a year.


  Gonzalez says the district, which adds between 2 and 3 thousand students a year, has many needs which have to be addressed, and will be considered by the bond committee.


  "How many classrooms do we need, how many busses are required, how much technology do we need, how many chillers, these major air conditioning units you have at schools, need to be replaced."


  The last Northside bond issue was in 2010, and Gonzalez says Northside has historically presented a bond package to the voters every three years.


  In addition to upgrades on schools and teacher instruction facilities, Gonzalez says a new high school is likely to be included in the bond.


  "One of the main things that will be studied for this particular bond is a new high school," he said.  "A new high school is a big ticket item."


  He says the district has already acquired the land for its next high school, which will be built in the Kallison Ranch area of far west Bexar County, off FM 471 near the San Geronimo airport.


  The school board is expected to come up before the school board in January before going to the voters.