Two students at Scarborough Elementary School in the fast growing area near Taft High School were honored today as the 100,000th student to be enrolled in the Northside ISD, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The second grader, and fourth grader, siblings, were given tickets to Six Flags Fiesta Texas and other items, their teachers get $250 gift certificates to buy school supplies, and the school got a banner reading '100,000th STUDENT' to hang in the building.


  It is not surprising that the area in far northwest Bexar County is the home to NISD student number 100,000.  The area around Westover Hills, between Bandera Road and Marbach Road, has been by far the fastest growing part of Bexar County in the last decade.  In fact, NISD just had to open a new elementary school to relieve the pressure on Scarborough caused by booming attendance in the area.


  With 100,000 students, NISD is one of the fastest growing school districts in the state.  It is the fourth largest ISD in Texas, behind only the Dallas ISD, Houston ISD, and the Cypress--Fairbanks ISD in suburban Houston.


  In fact, the 100,000th student is now in the rear view mirror for NISD, which now has more than 101,000 students.


  Northside enrolled it's 90,000th student just four years ago.