A man was shot to death by police this afternoon after literally asking to be shot, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The 46 year old suspect started taking pot shots at nearby homes in the 9400 block of Rue De Bois, near Tezel and Gilbeau Roads on the northwest side.


  When SWAT units were called, the man retreated into his home, emerged through he back door, and continued shooting, and then walked into his front yard and started shooting at the officers who had blocked off the area.


  San Antonio Police Officers and a Castle Hills Police Captain returned fire, and the suspect fell to the ground, wounded.


  When officers approached the man on the ground, he picked up his gun and aimed it at them.


  The Castle Hills officer fired one shot, killing the suspect.


  None of the officers was hurt, the SAPD officers will be placed on desk duty as is routine in shooting situations.