Plan B continues to cause a heated debate throughout the country.

     On Wednesday, just hours after the Food and Drug Administration approved over-the-counter sales of the emergency contraceptive, the Obama administration now plans to appeal the federal court ruling.  

     Dr. Beverly Nuckols, a pro-life family doctor practicing in New Braunfels and a member or the Board of Texas Alliance for Life, said the recent changes brought on by the FDA makes Plan B available to teens as young as 15.

     “I believe girls will take this as permission to have sex,” she said. “I believe that the pro-life doctors and Christians will be upset with anything that appeared to enable girls to have sex outside of marriage, especially in their teen years.”

     Dr. Nuckols has been studying emergency contraceptives, like Plan B, for over 10 years and has received masters in bio-ethics.  She said girls that young don’t fully understand what exactly Plan B does.

     “Plan B only works around five days of the months,” Dr. Nuckols said.  “It only works just before ovulations… if it works ‘at’ or ‘after’ ovulation it’s only because taking the pill made the environment unkind to the sperm.”

     The biggest misconception about Plan B, is that it’s an abortion pill, and there is massive amounts of research that will show that is not the case, Dr. Nuckols.

     “For the girls who take Plan B after ovulation ….it will not interfere with the implantation of the embryo or cause the death of the embryo,” she said. “I am pro-life, but I rely on science to help prove my beliefs, because my creator created science.”