Karnes County Sheriff Dwayne Villanueva says the roads around the small town of Gillett have reopened and the fire caused by an explosion at a salt water disposal facility in the Eagle Ford region is out.


  The sheriff says one man who was working on the rig, which is used to dispose of the salt water which comes out of the ground along with oil in the deep fracking process, suffered non life threatening injuries.


  "They had one injured, a male subject, 33 years of age," he said.  "We called Methodist Air Care out of San Antonio, they came down to the scene, and transported him to SAAMC."


  Villanueva says the explosion and fire happened in batteries, diesel trucks, and in the saltwater processing facility at the site.


  He says it was quite an explosion.


  "We've had some calls to the sheriff's office advising that when the explosion happened, they did feel a shake at their residence," he said.


  But he says nobody had to be evacuated.


  The operator of the well, Gulf Coast Acquisitions of Refugio, the Texas Railroad commission and federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration officials will determine the cause of the explosion.