An analysis of the State’s records show Texans over the age of 50 lead the state in gun permit applications.

     The Fort-Worth Star-Telegram found that in 2012, 57-year-olds sought the most concealed handgun licenses in Texas, more than any other age group.  

     Josh Felkner, the owner of Lonestar Hand Gun in Schertz says he’s not surprised by the numbers.

      “The older we get the less ability we have to run, flee or fight,” Felkner said. “Demonstrating that firearm most of the time will make most people go the other direction, that’s because you're no longer the easy target, you're the hard target.”

      The state has more than 580,000 concealed carry permit holders in total, with nearly 150,000 of them being issued last year alone. HarrisCounty, where Houston resides having the most active licenses with 15 percent of all state holders.  

     “The number of senior citizens wanting a gun makes sense,” Felkner said. “If they're able to pass a background investigation, if they're declared mentally competent and haven’t been declared incompetent why shouldn't they get on?”

      In the past five years, license request continue to grow in the state of Texas, with people over 50, a demographic that makes sense, especially considering Monday’s shooting in WashingtonD.C., Felkner said.

      “The tragic events with Sandy Hook and other mass shootings make people more aware,” Felkner said. “They realize the better way to stop a ‘bad guy’ with a gun is to have a gun on your person.”

      Texas also leads the number of inquires the FBI has received from people conducting criminal background checks on gun buyers, nationwide.