We have our nominee for Mother of the Year.


  The FBI arrested Jennifer Vargas, 34, on charges that she ripped open her six year old son's scrotum in a fit of anger over his behavior.


  The FBI, which arrested Vargas because the assault allegedly took place at Fort Sam Houston, where Vargas is a civilian employee and her husband is in the Army, says the assault caused a 'severe laceration to his scrotum,' and 'bruising around the genitals.'


  Agents say the woman admitted to 'grabbing the child's testicles and pulling as hard as she could,' because she was angry with the child.


  The FBI, in a news release, said Vargas felt guilty about wounding her son, and 'tried to repair the damage with 'superglue,' and then told the child to go to bed without seeking medical attention.


  When the boy's father arrived home and realized what had happened he rushed the child to the hospital where emergency surgery was required.


  Mom could get ten years in prison.