Next time you might be tempted to drive after you've been drinking...keep little Xitclalli Vasquez in mind.


  The nine year old, who goes by the name of 'Chilli,' was paralyzed from the waist down when she was hit by a drunk driver over the Fourth of July holiday in 2011, three days before her eighth birthday.


  "I was hit by one and I can't feel my legs any more, I can't walk, and I hurt my back," Chilli told 1200 WOAI news from her wheelchair.


  Chilli is the new spokesgirl for Texas Department of Transportation's "Faces of Drunk Driving" campaign, which tries to teach Texans about the true toll of drinking and driving.


  “I can’t play games with my brothers and sisters like I used to,” Chilli said.


  1100 Texas flags lined the plaza at the downtown campus of UTSA today.  That is the number of Texans who are killed every year by drunk drivers.


  "TexDOT hopes to urge motorists to be smart and drive sober, especially with the Fourth of July holiday weekend around the corner," a TxDOT spokesman said.


  The Fourth of July is the single worst time of year for drinking and driving statewide.