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     The Electric Zoo Concert series taking place in New York City over Labor Day Weekend was canceled after two people died.

       The party drug ‘Molly’ is being blamed for the deaths of 20-year-old Olivia Rotondo and 23-year-old Jeffery Russ and for putting four others in critical condition.

      Molly, as it’s called, is the purest form of MDMA or ecstasy and it’s grown as a club and party drug for young people, Dr. Miguel Fernandez, the director of the SouthTexasPoisonCenter said.

      “It happens to possess some hallucinogen properties,” Fernandez said. “That's why it's sought after, not only as a stimulant but as euphoric hallucinogen.”

      The drug can mess with body temperature and like other drugs, when combined with alcohol it can put a person at even more of  a risk for having a stroke or from going into cardiac arrest, Fernandez said.

      It’s becoming extremely popular in ‘pop culture’ so much so that music artist list Miley Cyrus and Kanye West reference the drug.

      Fernandez warns that the drug world is seeing a ‘shortage of ecstasy’ and drug dealers are desperate to sell anything.

      “Kids really don’t know what they're getting when they purchase this stuff,” he said. “They're sometimes cut with pure methamphetamine, sometimes with caffeine, and sometimes even with cocaine.”

      Recreational users seem to be naïve about the dangers, Fernandez said.

      “It use to be known as ecstasy… now they've branded it as molly a seemingly harmless name,” he continued, “Some people don't even realize it’s not a new drug… it’s just been remarket and repackaged.”