Gov. Rick Perry says State Senator Wendy Davis (D-Ft. Worth) and other supporters of abortion are 'extreme' and 'outside the mainstream.'


  Perry told 1200 WOAI's Joe Pags that, despite the fawning publicity Davis has received from the media and from Democrats, including President Obama, for her pro choice filibuster last week, those same ideas will prevent her from being elected governor, or to any other prominent office.


  "If you want to stand up and say that it's fine to take the life of an innocent five month old child, that is your freedom, and you are out of the mainstream in Texas," Perry said.


  "If somebody will take the life of a five month old child in the womb, they are not going to have any trouble taking your money away from you, or taking any of your other freedoms."


  Perry did not mention Davis by name, but he said repeatedly that her pro choice positions are not in the mainstream of political thought in Texas.


  "It is hard to comprehend how anyone can stand on the side of these horrific late term abortions like we have seen in Philadelphia or even in Houston, or even advocate for substandard care for women," Perry told Joe Pags.


  He said he is confident that the measure, which would outlaw abortion after twenty weeks gestation, require that abortion clinics be licensed as 'ambulatory surgical centers'  and require that physicians with admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of the abortion clinic will pass, and they will pass with the solid backing of a majority of Texans.


  Perry also blasted the pro choice activists who packed the State Senate chambers Tuesday night to help kill the bill in the first Special Session.


  "I have been here for 28 years watching this Legislative process, as a member of the Legislature, as the presiding officer of the Senate, or the governor, and I have never ever seen the type of civil disobedience and the type of actions out of the gallery that we saw there," he said.  "They are certainly prepared for that type of activity, they will be escorted out of the Chamber if they show up to disrupt the process.  They were there for the express purpose of disrupting the process.  Try that in Washington DC and see how that turns out."


   He said Davis is 'wrong' and 'is on the wrong side of this issue.'  He accused her and other pro choice activists of standing with the 'abortion industry.'


  "This isn't about some Senator from Ft. Worth Texas, this is about protecting life in Texas," he said.


  Perry pointed out that ten other states have 20 week limits in abortions, and there is no indication that the women in those states are any less healthy than women in Texas.  He says Texans do not support 'mob' actions like the pro choice shout-down of the State Senate last week.