Perry says when meeting with out of state business leaders, he's asked one thing.

"'Can Texas live up to its commitment to keep traffic flowing?' That is the question that is asked most often."

Perry says during his tenure he
enhanced I 69 on the eastern
side of the state,
130 near Austin and now TXDOT
has announced plans to
plow 800 million dollars worth of road
work into San Antonio.
Bringing improvements to the burgeoning
northside roadways of I10, 281 and 1604.

He says a major challenge
has been to keep up with the business
and people pouring in.

Growth cannot be sustained
without a strong network
of roadways, he says.

"We have a direct proximity to Mexico
with that 1,200 mile border; they're
a major trading partner so it's increasingly important."

He says the expansion of the Panama
Canal to be completed in 2015 to service transportation of natural gas will be a boon to Texas, allowing piping of the gas to the Gulf of Mexico to become liquid gas and then shipped to markets in Asia.