Key San Antonio officials said today there will be a 'bulked up' police presence around major Fiesta events, in the wake of the twin bombings earlier this week at the Boston Marathon, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "If people are looking for it you may see it," Police Chief William McManus said.  "If you're not looking for it, you probably won't."


  But McManus said his office is being 'very very aggressive' in preparations for Fiesta.


  "Public safety and awareness are the top priorities."


  Fiesta brings together some of the largest crowds which attend regularly schedule events in Texas.  Some 750,00 regularly attend the Battle of Flowers Parade, and Night in Old San Antonio crams thousands of people into the small space of La Villita.


  Fiesta is no stranger to terroristic violence.  In 1979, when mass shootings were far less common than they are today, a 64 year old former mental patient named Ira Atterbury opened fire on the Battle of Flowers Parade, killing three bystanders and wounding six police officers and two dozen others before he killed himself.


  "It is really impossible to 'sterilize' any of the areas, but as far as preparation goes, as far as planning goes, we got it down," McManus said.