San Antonio Police have finally had it up to here with motorists who drive the wrong way down the highway, endangering other motorist, the officers who try to stop them, and themselves, and a woman found that out the hard way early Thanksgiving morning.


  Police say the woman got onto Loop 1604 at Blanco going the wrong way, and proceeded to travel eastbound in the westbound lanes of traffic.


  Police tried to stop her has she drove past Stone Oak, Redland Road and O'Connor.


  After they got no response to their lights, sirens, and spotlights pointed her way, officers got out the heavy artillery.  They threw road spikes into the woman's path.


  The spikes deflated all four of her tires, but the motorist kept on driving, finally before forced to pull over at the Judson Road exit.


  She was arrested guessed it...drunk driving.