There won't be a fifth Larry O'Brien Trophy to display at the AT&T Center. Another one of San Antonio's unique floating victory parades down the Riverwalk will have to wait for next season, and fans are torn between anger and respect for the Spurs after last night’s 95 to 88 loss to the Miami Heat in Game Seven ended the Spurs' run for another NBA Championship, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "I just want to congratulate the Spurs and the entire organization on a great season, especially with so many people who are professional prognosticators didn't even expect that their team would be there," one fan said on Game Night React with Geoff Sheen on 1200 WOAI.


  But other fans were looking for people to blame, and much of the blame centered on Coach Gregg Popovich.


  One fan blamed Coach Pop for sitting Tony Parker during key moments in Thursday night’s game, and allowing an ineffective Manu Ginobili to stay on the floor.


  "That was a bad move on Popovich's part," one fan said.  "He cost San Antonio the championship."


  Another declared that LeBron James wasn't the Most Valuable Player for the Miami Heat, it was the turnover-prone Ginobili.


  Despite the loss, Spurs fans flooded downtown and Southwest Military Drive, honking their horns and showing off their Spurs apparel.


  "I want to congratulate the Spurs on a great season, and let's give credit where credit is due, to the Miami Heat," one fan said.


  "This is probably one of the best NBA Finals that I have seen in my lifetime," another fan said.


  By the way, CST Brands, the Valero Corner Stores, wrapped up the 2013 season giving away 900,000 cups of free coffee during the Spurs playoff run.  CEO Kim Bowers says she's disappointed she couldn't make it an even one million with one more morning of free coffee.


The Spurs will return to San Antonio this afternoon at 2 at Landmark Aviation, a private terminal near the Airport, and fans are invited to show up and show their support for the team.