The wrecking ball was stopped mid-swing today as a temporary court order halted the demolition of the old Univision Channel 41 TV studio downtown today.


  The building at Cesar Chavez and St. Mary's on the south edge of downtown was set to be demolished to make way for a condo complex.


  But preservation groups convinced a judge to halt the demolition, but by the time the order reached the work site, the building, which dates from the 1950s, was already mostly destroyed.


  Channel 41, which was the first Spanish language television station in the United States, has long since moved to a new building.  But preservation groups spread banners on the fence in front of the building with messages like 'City of San Antonio DEMOLISHES our heritage' and 'The Decade of WHOSE Downtown,' a reference to Mayor Castro's frequent quip that this is the 'decade of downtown.'