State Senator Wendy Davis (D-Ft. Worth) wasn't busy with the duties of the Special Session today, she was at the National Press Club in Washington DC, talking about her 11 hour filibuster agaisnt the Texas abortion bill and speculating on her political future.


  1200 WOAI's Michael Board reports that Davis said she is considering one of two offices in the 2014 election.


  "I can say with absolute certainty that I will run for one of two offices," Davis said.  "Either my state senate seat or the governor."


  Analysts say Davis will probably decide to remain in the state senate and continue to use her national name recognition to raise money for Democratic Party and pro choice causes.


  They point out that, even though Davis is nearly lionized among pro choice groups, every poll shows Texans favor limiting abortion at twenty weeks gestation, what the bill she filibustered would do.  They point out that Davis would be able to raise a large amount of money, but would likely be trounced by Republican Greg Abbott, placing her among the list of Democratic losers like Farouk Shami and Bill White, hardly good company for an aspiring politician.   And her Ft. Worth state senate seat would almost certainly be won by a Republican.  The GOP came close to unseating Davis in 2012.

  Davis' seat is up again, in 2014, even though state senators serve four year terms, because she lost the lottery which takes place among senators followign redistricting.  All of the senators have to seek re-election in the first election after redistricting, and then senators draw straws so see who will have a two year term and who will have a four year term so the terms can be staggered for the remainder of the decade.

  Davis was asked about the running shoes that she won during her lengthy filibuster, which succeeded in blocking passage of the abortion bill in the first Special Session, although it was easily passed in the second special session.


  "To the horror of a couple of people on my political team, I immediately put them back on and started running again," she joked, adding, "At some point, before they completely fall apart, I will set them aside, because they will be a memory that I will treasure forever.


  Davis was also asked about he possibility of running for Vice President on a Democratic ticket headed by former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton in 2016.  She said she'll wait for Clinton to make her announcement first.