Students across the country are counting down the days for summer break. But before high schoolers turn in their books, they get to celebrate prom season.

     From dresses, tuxes, corsages and of course the limo, teens spend months planning for their big night.

     Prom season starts right after spring bring and lasts for the next several months, said Rusty Berlint, the owner of Stone Oak Limousines in San Antonio.

     “Most kids these days want to know what colo and what kind of car it is,” Berlint said. “And things like If there's a port for their IPod... now- a-days kids call and ask for what kinds of cars are available specifically.”

     Generally prom packages are given in a six hour window, allowing  for our limos to be scheduled accordingly, Berlint said.

     “We charge by the number of people who will be riding in each car,” Berlint said. “So depending on what the kids are looking for and how many will be riding all together they can split the amount between themselves.”

     We work with parents and teens daily, it can be a little tough coordinating with a high school student especially because there are proms every weekend, Berlint said.

     “We have a lot of kids that want a flash car like a hummer,” Berlint said. “But when they find what the price is … generally just settle for [a regular] limo.”