Monday is the deadline to register for the first general election in Texas which will require voters produce a photo ID. to vote, 1200 WOAI news reports.

Texas Secretary of State Nandita Berry says registration is required thirty days before the March 4th primary election day.

“I encourage all eligible Texans to register to vote or update their voter registration today,” she said.

Early voting begins February 18th.

People voting in person, whether early or on Election Day, will be required to submit a government issued photo ID. Approved identification includes a driver’s license, Texas Election Identification Certificate which is issued free by the DPS, as well as concealed handgun license, military identification, citizenship certificate and passport. Even expired photo ID is allowed, unless it expired more than sixty days ago.

While the Democratic and Republican contests for governor have been essentially decided, there are robust campaigns for the Republican nomination for Lieutenant Governor, Comptroller, and Attorney General. Locally, Democratic nominees will be chosen for Congress District 23, and for the Texas State Senate seat now held by Donna Campbell.

  Photo ID was required for the issues elections last November, but this will be the first election for individual candidates where Photo ID will be allowed.  The state's Photo ID law was implemented last June after the U.S.Supeme Court threw out the oversight provisions of the Voting Rights Act which had been used to block it.