While local Democrats are pumped about Wendy Davis' candidacy for Governor, Republicans are already painting the pro life crusader as a 'California style' politician who would 'kill the Texas economic miracle,' 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Davis, as expected, made her announcement in her home town of Haltom City, near Ft. Worth, and in addition to her fight against abortion restrictions, she also took on the Republicans for pushing three $3 billion in education funding cuts in the 2011 Legislature.


  "Though the cuts weren’t immediately restored, those voices grew and they grew until they could no longer be ignored and we were able to undo over $3 billion of that damage," she said.


  Davis immediately picked up the strong endorsement of traditionally Democratic groups.


  The Texas American Federation of Teachers said Davis is a candidate who will 'be at the forefront of the fight to help our schoolchildren and the teachers that serve them.


  "She is a champion for public education and a warrior in      the fight to fend off efforts to defund and privative our schools," The TAFT said.


  It cited Davis' opposition to school voucher programs, basic teacher performance evaluations on student performance, and increasing funding fro education.


  The liberal action group Annie's List also immediately endorsed Davis, saying she will 'fight tooth and nail to ensure that everyone in Texas gets a fair shot.'


  The Davis candidacy also sparked an indication of the type of race it will be.  A Time Magazine columnist called Davis a 'misogyny magnet' and hinted that any opposition to her candidacy is based on what the columnist called 'a very ugly form of woman hate.'


  Likely Republican candidate Greg Abbott hinted that Davis is the same old liberal candidate in new packaging.


  "Once again, Texas Democrats are attempting to conjure support for California-style candidates that try to sell Obama's liberal agenda and go against what makes Texas great," Abbott said.  "Nonetheless, we welcome Senator Davis to the race, and look forward to presenting the clear differences and debating the important issues that will preserve the economic miracle in Texas."


  The Republican Party of Texas immediately launched a web site called 'The Real Wendy.com.'


  "Senator Davis first became famous this year by fighting against a ban on late term abortions, making out of state liberals swoon," Texas Republican Party of Texas Executive Director Beth Cubriel said..  "Wendy Davis has a lengthy record of opposing Texans on the issues, standing against the Second Amendment, as well as voter ID, and supporting higher taxes and spending."