Texas Armoring Corporation has carved out a profitable business model selling bullet proof and terrorist proof vehicles to business leaders and government officials around the world, but now Vice President Jason Forston says they are adding another type of vehicle to their offerings--paparazzi-proof limos.


  Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown was the latest jet setter to have a vehicle delivered to her by Texas Armoring which will protect her from one of the most annoying parts of the celebrity life...photographers who yank open the door of her car to get that money shot inside the limo.


  "It has an electric shocking door handle," Forston told 1200 WOAI's Berit Mason.  "It is basically the equivalent of sticking your finger into a 110 volt light socket.  It's not going to kill you, but it is certainly going to hurt."


  Increasing terrorist attacks and more grumbling about the widening gulf between the 'one percent' wealthiest Americans and the rest of us, has prompted more and more celebs to inquire about Texas Armoring's products.  But Forston says the idea of an 'anti paparazzi charge' in the door handles has gotten the attention of a lot of Hollywood types, especially those which young children who they want to keep out of the spotlight.


  "It is kind of a new application," he says.  "Some celebrities have been installing it in case paparazzi come up and get aggressive and try to grab the door handle.  It is basically to keep them away from the car."


  Forston says movie stars are making up a larger and larger portion of Texas Armoring's client list, which used to include only government officials and businessmen, most of whom wanted the armored vehicles for travel in Third World countries.


  He says there are also other protections which are available for movie stars and other celebs.


  "There is a smoke screen system.  If paparazzi is chasing you you can deploy the smoke and it is very hard to follow."

  Ah, the hassles of being a millionaire movie star!