Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, San Antonio.   

  Just when we get off of Men's Health magazine's list of the country's fattest cities, we land at a solid number two on another Men's Health list...the list of the 100 drunkest cities in the United States.

  San Antonio is officially listed as 'over the limit' as the 99th drunkest city in the USA, in a list which rates the soberest city at number 1 and the drunkest at number 100.  The study is based on factors ranging from DWI arrests and liver disease rates, rates of binge drinking, and, yes, wrong way drivers.

  But Pat Keenaugh with the Bexar County Drug Court, says we're taking serious steps ot get off this list just like we took serious steps to slim down when Men's Health listed San Antonio as one of the fattest cities in the country.  She points to the 'no refusal' policy instituted by Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed, which requires those arrested for DWI to have a blood draw if they refuse a breathalyzer test.

  "Whereas some people might have passed a sobriety test, they won't pass this," she said.

  Keenaugh says binge drinking remains a very serious problem in San Antonio. She says it's a fine line between happy hour and addiction.

  "Listen to the people who are the closest to you, listen to how they're reacting when you're drinking, and that is going to tell you if there's a problem," she said.

  "They're telling you that's not okay, that is unacceptable behavior, they are getting angry, and that is something to look at."

  Other Texas cities don't fare much better than San Antonio.  Austin is also listed as 'over the limit' as the 93rd drunkest city in the USA.  Corpus Christi is 89th, El Paso is 84th, and Ft. Worth clocks in as the 74th drunkest city in the USA.

  The only city drunker than San Antoino is the blue collar bastion of Bakersfield California.

  The most stone cold sober city in the USA?  Not surprisingly, it's Salt Lake City.