The National Transportation Safety Board is recommending that the legal limit for drunk driving be lowered from the current .08 blood alcohol content to .05.


  But the San Antonio Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving says the best way to stop drunk driving is to enforce the three things that we know cut down on the deadly problem.


  “High visibility law enforcement, state ignition interlock laws for all offenders, and research toward the development of technology to prevent a drunk person from operating a vehicle,” Jennifer Northway, President of the San Antonio Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving tells 1200 WOAI news.


  San Antonio and Bexar County have one of the worst drunk driving problems in Texas, and Northway says she appreciates the support from the NTSB and other agencies.


  Any changes in the drunk driving minimum standard must be approved by the states, and officials point out that lowering it from the previous .10 to .08 took twenty years, so no changes are expected overnight.


  .08 is three to four drinks in an hour for an average 180 pound man.  .05 would be a maximum of two drinks, and even fewer for the average woman.


  “MADD believes that the best way to save lives is increased enforcement of existing laws,” Northway said.