Sales of Toyota's San Antonio built pickup trucks stalled out in September, amid a general downturn in Toyota sales, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Sales of the Tundra pickup, all of which are built by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas, fell 2.9% compared with September of 2012, with 9,071 Tundras rolling off dealer lots in September.


  Sales of the Tacoma mid sized pickup, about half of which are made at the south side plant, were down 5.7%, with 11,479 units sold.


  Toyota says September was a weaker month than expected for overall sales, and points out there were two fewer sales days last month compared with September of 2012.


  But sales year to date of both models are up sharply, with Tacoma sales up 18.4% over 2012 levels, and this is still shaping up to be the strongest year so far for the San Antonio Toyota plant.

  Toyota last month produced the one millionth vehicle since the San Antonio factory opened in 2006.