One San Antonio U.S. Air Force officer is spending his tour at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan treating not U.S. casualties, but the youngest victims of America's longest war.


  Lt. Col David Jones is a pediatrician with the 455th Expeditionary Medical Group out of Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center, and he is helping the children of Afghanistan deal with the horrors of war.


  "I have seen several children here that were of the same age as my children who have suffered severe injuries," Col. Jones told 1200 WOAI's Michael Board via long distance hookup from Afghanistan.


  He says it is only appropriate that the children of Afghanistan have a pediatrician to look after the wounds that they have suffered due to the murderous Taliban.


  "We've had a few with gunshot wounds, a few who have had injuries secondary to explosions," he says.


  He says his job is tough, emotionally draining, but very satisfying.


  He says he thinks of his children all the time when he is treating the wounded youngster of Afghanistan.


  "It certainly makes it a little more difficult," he said. "I am certainly grateful that my children don't have to grow up and be exposed to an environment alike this one."


  He says there are a number of things he is looking forward to when he returns to San Antonio.


  "I miss the weather, I miss the clean air, I miss hour green it is, and I miss listening to Charlie and Charity in the morning."