Kim Olsen has a lot more of an interest in the Winter Olympics, which begin today in Sochi Russia, than most San Antonians.


  That's because Kim's son, O'Connor High School grad Justin Olsen, is a member of the U.S. Olympic Four Man Bobsled team.


  "This is worldwide, thousands of people," she said.  "It's hard to believe that's your son.  It's hard to describe, even."


  Kim is used to seeing crowds cheer for Justin.  He was a football player at O'Connor, and a member of the World Championship Bobsled team which has son silver and bronze medals. 


  But she says the Olympics is a true thrill.


  "Its kind of surreal," she said.  "I've watched some video just recently of the race four years ago, and it just seems so unreal."


  Justin also participated in the Olympics in Vancouver Canada in 2010, but Kim says this Olympics is definitely scarier, especially with the ever present threat of terrorism.


  "You just always have to hope and  pray that they are watched over and taken care of, and they don't end up at the wrong place at the wrong time," she said.


  Justin is a sergeant in the New York National Guard.