The San Antonio Police Department is arming up, with the city buying 2600 M&P40 pistols to be the main side arm for officers, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  It represents the largest single contract with the Massachusetts based firearms company with a Texas police agency, and represents a departure from nearly two decades of having Glock40s be the official SAPD side arm.


  "Change is sometimes hard, but officers have taken to this well," said Officer Rob Ingram at the San Antonio Police Academy.  "This is far more inclusive than our last weapons system."


  The M&P40 was selected after an extensive testing and evaluation period, which included comparisons with numerous firearms from various manufacturers.  After thoroughly examining each product, the department chose the Smith & Wesson based on its high level of quality and dependability.


  Smith & Wesson CEP James Debney said, "We are honored that our M&P pistols have been selected by the San Antonio Police Department.  Our nation's first responders are extremely important to us, and they have already been so. These men and women work tirelessly and dedicate their lives to helping keep our communities safe and we are proud to support them with firearms designed to meet their high standards for performance and reliability."


  Ingram says there is a lot to like about the Smith & Wesson product.  He says the grips are adjustable to different hand sizes.


  "The last fundamental switch from 17 years ago, switching from .357 revolvers to the semi automatic," Ingram said.


  The M&P 40 holds 15 rounds, plus one in the chamber.  It is a striker fire, double action semi automatic pistol built specifically, as it's name implies, for military and police agencies.


  San Antonio City Council last year allocated funding for new sidearms for police officers.