A now fired San Antonio Police Officer is facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life on the other side of the bars after being indicted for the brazen sexual assault of a 19 year old woman he pulled over for speeding last November, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Jackie Neal, 40, is charged with pulling over the woman, 'invasively' search her, handcuff her, and then force her into the back of his marked patrol car and rape her.


  Amazingly, Neal is charged with doing all of this in full uniform, while on duty, and with his name badge clearly visible on his shirt.  In fact, the District Attorney says that's how the victim recognized Neal, from his name plate, and picking him out of a lineup.


  The officer than allegedly attempted to strong arm the victim.  The indictment claims Neal attempted to contact the victim at home and warn her against testifying against him.


  Neal is charged with the first degree felony of Aggravated Sexual Assault, the second degree felony of Sexual Assault, and the State Jail Felony of Improper Sexual Activity with a Person in Custody.


  Neal had been suspended with pay, but now that the indictment has been handed down, he has been formally fired.


  The victim is suing the City of San Antonio for $10 million, claiming that police officials knew Neal had a history of improper sexual relationships, but refused to strip him of his badge.