San Antonio Police Saturday night shot an armed man who had been terrorizing employees of a northwest side convenience store, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Police got a call for a 'suicidal' armed man roaming the streets near Grissom Road.


  When the man noticed police, officers say he dashed into the convenience store, scattering employees and waving his gun at the officers outside.


  One officer zapped the man with a TASER, but that did no good.  AS he ran around inside the store, another officer fired a beanbag at him, but still the man wound’s surrender.


  After he allegedly turned and pointed his weapon at a police sergeant, another officer, who was outside the store, opened fire, striking the man in the leg.


  Officers were then able to subdue the man, who is in stable condition at University Hospital.


  Police haven't said what charges the man will face, or why officers considered him to be 'suicidal.'  No officers were injured.