San Antonio police don't want
to see another senior fall victim to
a bad caregiver.

Case in point: the death
61 year old Elma Sartuche killed last year allegedly by the man taking care of her.

SAPD spokesman Matthew Porter says
being cautious can be the difference
between life and death.

"Stay involved in your friend
or family member's life. If someone
is taking care of them, do your
due diligence and following
this ordinance would be one way
of doing that. Keep track of their
bank records, check up on them
on a regular basis."

The city passed a caregiver
ordinance that began January 1st requiring that caregivers register with the city, undergo a background check and have a permit.

City officials, like Councilman
David Medina of District 5, want anyone hiring
a home health care worker to
get to know that person pretty
darn well.

"The ordinance requires that
an independent home health
care worker would first go
through a background check,
a basic screening proces,
before handling certain items
or driving a senior citizen around,"
says Medina.

"For someone to be that
close to a senior or disabled
handicapped person, we want
to make sure that they have gone
through at least a basic
background check; it's not
asking that much," he says.

Those hiring caregivers
should ask them: do you
have a permit? Medina says families
hiring caregivers should
know the strangers that they
bring into their lives.