Quick...somebody rush to the bank!


  Despite being constantly called the 'best city manager in the country' by Mayor Julian Castro, San Antonio's Sheryl Sculley no longer has bragging rights as the highest paid city manager in the country.


  The Dallas City Council last night voted to pay it's new city manager, A. C. Gonzalez, $400,000 a year, equal to the pay of the President of the United States.


  But Sculley is not entirely out of the 'grab the taxpayers cash' sweepstakes.  Despite her measly $375,000 salary, Sculley last month pocketed a $50,000 bonus.


  And Gonzalez shouldn't rest on his laurels.  Sculley's salary is set to jump to $400,000 in 2015, and her bonus will rise to $65,000 next year.


  Houston doesn't have a city manager form of government, the mayor is also the top official runs city government.  Houston Mayor Annise Parker makes do with $209,000 a year.


  The Austin City Manager makes $301,000 a year.


  For some reason, the city official gravy train seems localized to Texas.  The mayor of Denver, a not insignificant city, makes $145,000 a year.  The mayor of Chicago, another community which is not tiny, makes $201,000 a year.  The city manager of Miami Florida makes $195,000 a year.  Even the mayor of Los Angeles, who is described as the 'highest paid mayor in America' takes home $232,000 a year, chump change compared with Sculley and Gonzalez.