A self proclaimed satanist, who on social media used the screen name "The Lord of Darkness," has been sentenced to 95-years in prison for molesting three little girls, taking pictures of the assaults and then trading those images online with other child pornography collectors.

Luis Moreno, 31, was charged with 12 counts of production of child pornography, two counts of the receipt of child pornography and two more counts of the possession of kiddie porn.

"This case is especially serious because of the number of victims.  He lined them up on the couch and called them back up, one by one," Assistant US Attorney Tracy Thompson tells 1200 WOAI news.  "One of the older kids would sit there, knowing what was going to happen to her, but just having to sit and wait until her name was called."

One of the victims told FBI investigators that Moreno would "stick his middle part into her middle part," while the pair were in a room called "the princess room."

The case was a joint investigation by The San Antonio Child Exploitation Task Force involving the FBI and the Bexar County Sheriff's Department.

Assistant US Attorney Tracy Thompson said investigators were originally tipped off to Moreno when they busted another pervert in Indiana.  They asked to assume his profile online.  That's when agents received dozens of emails filled with illicit pictures from Moreno.

"He has been sexually assaulting these three minor females for six years," she told the judge.

Moreno's mother, Herlinda Flores, testified that her son has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

"He did not have insurance so he could not afford the medication," she told the judge, who later rejected the defense.

The case was difficult for agents because Moreno is basically a drifter who lived in different homes.  He did not have a computer.  Instead, he created the child pornography using a HTC Mytouch 4g cell phone, a pink Nintendo DSI video game system that belonged to one of the victims and a Hotmail email address.  They eventually caught up to him in a seedy apartment on Grayson Street, not far from the entrance to Ft. Sam Houston.

Moreno, who had tattoos of a pentagram and the Grim Reaper up and down his body, has a lengthy criminal history, including Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon in in 1999.  He attacked a girlfriend with a samurai sword.

The three victims, who were all attacked when they were three years old, are all in protective custody.  Their current guardian told the judge that they received counseling at one point.

"They're doing okay," she testified.