Sebastian De la Cruz isn't worried about hateful comments posted on social media sites following his performance of the National Anthem at the Spurs-Heat game Tuesday night, and he tells 1200 WOAI's Joe Pags he will keep performing and ignore the noise.


  "I feel like God has already given me a pass through life," Sebastian said.  "I wake up every day and thank Him for letting me have this gift."


  Sebastien is shrugging off bizarre Tweets and other social media comments in which people complained about having 'This Mexican kid,' singing the National Anthem and many claimed he is an illegal immigrant, saying he 'arrived in the country maybe four hours ago."


  For the record, Sebastien is a second generation Texans, he and his parents were both born in the Lone Star State.


  "You should always respect everybody, even if they're strangers," Sebastien said, showing a lot more dignity than the adults who were posting hateful messages on social media.  "You should always treat people with respect."


  Sebastien, who performed on 'America's Got Talent' says he hopes the opportunity to sign at the NBA Finals, which was a last minute opportunity after the scheduled performer was unable to make it, will help boost his career.


  "I see it as a bigger opportunity and I think it will help me with my life," he said.  "I think it will open more doors for me."