Texans already love their guns, and several new laws that took effect at the first of the month will allow us to love them even more, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  One measure will cut in half the number of hours that a student has to spend in a Concealed Handgun License class.


  CHL instructor Michael Cargill says that will prevent Texans from simply going to neighborhood states, where the instruction period is far shorter, and getting their CHL there.  Due to reciprocity agreements, Texas is required to honor other states' CHLs like it has to honor other states' drivers licenses.


  "What we want to do is make it a little more attractive, and bring people back to Texas, and take the course in Texas," Cargill said.  "Learn the laws in the state where you live, so you learn what you can and cannot do."


  Cargill says language in the old law, which stipulated a certain number of hours had to be spent 'learning to shoot' were a waste of time.


  "One of the easiest things in the world is for me to teach someone how to shoot," Cargill said.  "I can do that in a matter of minutes."

  He says the new rules will allow him to focus on the laws involving when a person can draw their firearm, and teach them the proper handling of a dangerous weapon.


  Even though many laws to liberalize gun use failed in the Legislature, others succeeded.   CHL holders will now be able to renew their license on line, and people who have a CHL will be able to carry any type of legal handgun they want.  Previously, they were limited to carrying the type of handgun they handled in the class, be it a revolver, or a semi automatic.


  Another law allows people to have a handgun in their car when they drive through a college campus, and they will be allowed to keep that gun in their locked car in the campus parking lot.  But several attempts to pass bills which would have allowed concealed carry on the campus itself were rejected.