Governor Rick Perry is back in the friendly confines of Texas and probably not a moment too soon, after the Governor got some significant push back on his latest job swiping trip--to Missouri.


  1200 WOAI news reports that when Perry appeared on a St. Louis radio station to tout the tax and regulation benefits of Texas, caller number three turned out to be Missouri's Democratic U.S. Senator, Claire McCaskill, who wanted to disagree.


  "Sales tax is higher in Texas, property taxes are higher in Texas," McCaskill said.  "Teen pregnancy rates in Texas are among the highest in the country."


  But it didn't end there.  Caller number four was Missouri's Democratic Governor, Jay Nixon.


  "He comes here not having his facts straight, overstating," Nixon said.  "I hope when he was here, he bought something and noticed how much lower our sales tax rates are, or looked at a house and noticed our lower home prices due to our lower sales tax rate."


  The is the most opposition Perry has received on one of his trips to Blue States to try to convince employers to move to Texas.  When he went to California, Gov. Jerry Brown, only after questioning from reporters, referred to Perry's comments as 'a fart.'  Missouri is the first state to seriously fight back against Perry's claims of being a haven for business due to lower taxes, less regulation, and lawsuit restrictions.


  Perry conceded on the station that he has not gotten any takers during his business poaching trip.


  "We have had opportunities to meet with individuals who may not be considering it at the moment, but are curious about what is going on," Perry said.