Horse Refuges are Already on a Tight Budget Now, it's worse ==============================

That's because hay prices are up.

Patsy Johnson of Pipe Creeks' Brighter Days Horse Refuge says they're lucky to partner with Barrel House Feed that sells them hay at a cut rate. But high hay prices hurt anyone in the horse rescue business.

"It makes our money not last nearly as long.
And we are always trying to raise funds and we go for grants and we are supported by the general public."

Horses that live on hay can eat some
grass ... but there's hasn't been a lot of that either.

"Around here, there is no grass in the pastures.
We haven't had enough rain."

If horses are not used to a strictly grass diet, just eating grass causes health problems.

Johnson says when you rely on donations to survive any extra expense hurts.

"The main reason is the drought, I imagine,"
she says.

"Two years ago, we bought it where we found it including Wyoming."

Brighter Days Horse Refuge welcomes donations.