The Iron Rattler, the world’s first hybrid roller coaster was unveiled Wednesday at Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.

     The new coaster is an updated version to the previous, all wood roller coaster, The Rattler.  The Iron Rattler is made from the frame of the previous roller coaster, and is a combination of steel and wood.

     The ride is 180 feet tall with an initial 81 degree drop, and can reach speeds up to 70 miles per hour.

     “It is unlike anything in the park,” said one woman. “When I rode The Rattler, I got off the ride feel nauseous and had a headache…. This Iron Rattler is so smooth and just exhilarating.”

     The Zero- G Barrel roll is a feature the new ride kept from the older version, a feature fans say was their favorite part.

     “I closed my eyes the entire time, but when I peeked we were going through this huge roll,” said one man. “It almost felt like I was getting lifted off my seat … it was amazing, easily one of my new favorite rides.”

      The Iron Rattler does not official open to the general public until the May 25, Memorial Day weekend. But all those who have a 'Gold Pass' to the park get to ride early, Saturday May 18 and for all other season ticket holders they can ride the Iron Rattler starting Sunday May 19.

      “I plan on riding this roller coaster every time I’m in the park, and making all roller coaster fans get on it,” said one woman. “There really isn’t anyone thing else out there like this… I’m still shaking, it was ‘wow.’”