So just how much do Texans owe in back tolls from not paying for driving on the state's toll roads?  The numbers may surprise you.


  TxDOT today released its list of 'toll scofflaws,' designed to 'shame' people into paying back tolls and fees, and some of the numbers may surprise you.


  The state's number one toll scofflaw is a man named Ronny Williams from Pflugerville.  He, at least according to TxDOT, owes more than $236,000 in back tolls.


  Okay, so let's figure this out.  It costs an average car a little more than $12 to drive to drive the entire distance of State Highway 130 from Georgetown, which is not far from Pflugerville, all the way to Seguin. 


  Assuming that Mr. Williams drove the entire length of State Highway 130 every day, including Saturdays and Sundays and Christmas Day, it would take him 55 years to rack up that amount in tolls.


  TxDOT spokesman Mark Cross declined to discuss the unbelievable numbers.


  "These are the chronic people who are using the facility very heavily to have more than 100 toll fees that you haven't paid," he said.


  Mr. Williams, according to TxDOT's list, has an incredible 14,358 'unpaid toll transactions.' 


  "There are people who apparently drive through the toll facilities day in and day out without paying," Cross said.


  Obviously, Mr. Williams has not been driving on State Highway 130 every day since 1958.  The toll road just opened last fall, and the first toll road in the entire state wasn't opened until the 1980s.


  Several cross reference directories list Mr. Williams as an electrician.  Two numbers listed for him in various directories both came back as 'out of service.'


  16 people on the list of TxDOT's 25 biggest 'toll scofflaws' are listed as owing more than $100,000 in 'unpaid tolls and fees.'