The Asiana plane crash is a harsh reminder ...
plane crashes do happen.

But not so often that travel agents like Dallas' Cathi Banks wants people to quit flying.

"Flying is very safe; your odds of dying in a crash: 1 in 29 million."

But some seat
sections are safer than others.
To find out which ones, researchers plunged a plane into a Mexican desert.

"They found that if you are within
5 rows of an exit row, you are more
likely to survive," says Banks.

"And passengers in the rear of the aircraft were 40% more likely to survive."

Because planes crash with their nose,
those most in danger are in the front.

"It's ironic that the seats that
everyone pays so much to be in ...
(first class) those are the least safe on the airplane,"
she says.

Banks says don't forget to count
the number of seats to the exit row
and dress like you're going hiking
pants long sleeves and tennis shoes
offer better survival protection
than sandals and shorts.