For decades, one of the trendiest parts of Manhattan has been SoHo, which is short for 'South of Houston.'  (In New York City, they pronounce it "Howston," but what do you expect?)  Now, developers with an eye toward young highly education professionals are developing SoFlo in San Antonio, for South Flores.


  Developer Guillermo Nicholas today opened The 1010 at 1010 South Flores, an apartment and retail site which will help boost the SoFlo area into one of downtown's trendiest developments.


  "We already have people coming in from Washington DC, from Seattle, from various places in California, who are already pre-leasing units," Nicholas said.


  He says the attraction of SoFlo includes the mixing of the Mexican and German cultures (he points out that The 1010 is located on the corner of Flores and Guenther Streets) as well as the artistic nature of the community.  The development is right across the street from the Linda Pace Foundation, which was created by the late Linda Pace, the founder of the Blue Star Art Space.


  The 1010 is already partnering with the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center on a mural on the property, and its hot pink elevator shaft is a tribute to the vibrancy of Mexican American art.


  Nicholas says the people he is seeking out for his tenants, mainly well educated urbanized young people, have no interest in wasting their lives sitting in traffic on Loop 410.


  "I've seen some of the traffic at 7 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon and I have to tell you, I wouldn't live out there for anything," he said.


  He says 'younger retirees' are also interested in the lifestyle.


  "The fact that our city is growing with these cool people who want the cool urban experience is very gratifying."


  He says it is smart development is use land which already has all of the city amenities, from sewers to water pipes to sidewalks.


  "We have an obligation to our city to make the heart of our city healthy," he said.  "The vibrancy of this area is really impressive."