Boxes filled with 2013 San Antonio Spurs NBA Champion has, t-shirts and other items have arrived at local Academy Sports and Outdoors stores, and will be ready to go on sale the moment the final horn sounds in Miami, declaring the Spurs to be the winners, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "They are currently being delivered as we speak," Academy spokesman Jim Allan said.  "We will hold it until the game tonight, and when the final horn sounds we'll bring it up and that's when we'll be ready to go."


  By contract with the NBA, manufacturers are licensed to manufacture championship merchandise before the winner is known, to make sure the players have hats and t-shirts to put on immediately after winning the game, and to make sure retailers like Academy can immediately begin selling the items to fans.  Under NBA rules, if the Spurs don't win the championship, the items will have to be destroyed.


  Allan says all eight Academy stores in San Antonio, as well as stores in San Marcos and Corpus Christi, will have a full staff on hand tonight and will be ready to open its doors and sell merchandise.


  "We can't open the boxes until the horn sounds and the game is over and the Spurs have won," Allan said.


  He said a time like tonight will be like 'Black Friday' for a store like Academy.  They are expecting lines of people to start gathering at stores if it looks like the Spurs will win in Miami.


  "We officially close at 10:00," he said.  "And then, we stay closed until the horn sounds, and we open the stores back up, and the line of people can start coming in and buy the championship product."


  Academy is the official retailer of licensed Spurs merchandise.


  "We expect hundreds and hundreds of fans to come out to our stores," he said.  "They will be just as excited as we are."