Many San Antonio Spurs fans will have to be talked off the ledge this morning after the Spurs' surprising overtime defeat in Game Six last night in Miami, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Most of the fans who called in to Geoff Sheen on Game Night React on Spurs Radio and 1200 WOAI are not optimistic about Game Seven.


  "I am pretty devastated!" one fan said.


  "We were right there," another fan moaned.  "We smelled it, we sniffed it, it was like right there, but now I just can't do it.  The momentum is with Miami now, man."


  One fan said San Antonio was 'seconds away from a championship.'


  "I am really ticked off," a fan told Game Night React.  "I we had lost by 25, I would probably feel better than I do right now.  These guys are really gassed, and I don't feel good at all."


  Manu Ginobili got the brunt of the criticism, but there was plenty to go around.  Coach Gregg Popovich's halo also appears to have slipped a little bit with last night's 103-100 defeat.


  "Why didn't he foul them and stop the possibility of that three point play," one fan said, and also complained that Popovich's decision to pull Tim Duncan from the game at a critical time led to Miami getting a rebound that allowed the Heat to tie the game and send it into overtime.


  "Why in the hell is your best rebounder not in the game?" he asked.


  Another wished for an end to the 'big three' era, saying, "I think it's time for Ginobili," referring to him as 'turnoverbli,'  "to retire."


  Some fans say they have washing their hands of the Spurs.


  "I'm not watching Game Seven," he said.  "I can't do it."